Sunday, February 5, 2012

Orvieto Looks Like Colorado

I really was not expecting to get snow in Orvieto but of course when I'm here there is the biggest snow storm Orvieto has seen in years (which is only about 3-4 inches). Our little hill town covered in snow was beautiful but it has limited our activities over the past few days. I bet you have never seen a palm tree covered in snow before.

I was supposed to have a field trip in Assisi on Friday and then some friends and I were going to stay in Perugia for the rest of the weekend. Due to the weather our trip got postponed and we have spent the majority of the weekend inside. Friday night the roommates and I made a deliciouse lasagna for dinner.

I ventured out to couple museums in Orvieto yesterday, The National Archaeological Museum and The C. Faina Museum. Both featured Etruscan artifacts, mostly pots and vases. Most of the information was in Italian but it was still pretty interesting.

Hopefully the weather improves so I have something more interesting to talk about next time I post on my blog.

~ Jena

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